Beulah G2 Platinum Single Hand 9'6" 6WT

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You’re blindfolded and placed in a body of freshwater somewhere in the world. There could be six inch brookies, could be 15 pound sea-run brown trout. Pondering the possibilities, we would reach for our Platinum G2 9’6” 6-weight. It’s a supremely versatile streamer rod, powerful yet sensitive, with legitimate applications for smaller bonefish, sea run cutthroat and schoolie striped bass as well. An extra six inches help keep your line off the water and out of the grass or barnacles behind you. Our Platinum G2 6-weight wouldn’t be a Beulah without soul, something that we haven’t forgotten even as we’ve taken it to the next technological level with lighter and stronger graphene blanks. We’ve designed this rod right at the intersection of lightness and power. Less friction on the guides. Less weight. More fun.

A saltwater anodized aluminum reel seat, AAAA cork handle, titanium stripping guides, rich blue thread wraps, and state of the art, friction-reducing Snake Brand Guides complete the Beulah Platinum G2 6-weight.

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