Beulah G2 Platinum Single Hand 8'8" 4WT

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Like a well-balanced knife, the Platinum G2 4-weight just feels right in your hand as you slice tight and accurate loops through the air. A nine foot 4-weight will get the job done, but by trimming off four inches we have created a more natural and precise tool for delivering dry flies on spring creeks, tailwaters, and farm ponds. Our 8’8” G2 4-weight is designed as an ultra-smooth dry fly rod, but it works equally well for simply casting over and over again out of pure enjoyment. It’s everything a 4-weight should be.

Your Platinum G2 4-weight comes with wood burl insert, titanium stripping guides, AAAA cork handle, ultra-light Graphene blank, cool blue thread wraps, and the industry’s finest Snake brand guides.

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