Spey Casting Classes

When: Year-round

Cost: $400 for one or two anglers

Duration: 4 hours

Caution: Casting two-handed rods is addicting! If you are a curious beginner or a more experienced spey caster looking to tune-up the casts you already know and want to expand to learn more casting techniques, this is for you. With several ‘classrooms’ in the Columbia River Gorge and Lower Deschutes River Canyon areas, your instructor will meet you in the most convenient streamside location to hold class. The difference between a class and a guided trip is the absence of the raft or drift boat. With learning as the goal, we eschew the time and expense of floating the river and hunting fish to focus on a casting curriculum tailored to the needs of the students.

Beginner casting classes will cover:

  • Rod, reel, lines and how to put it all together
  • Choosing the right line system for the job
  • Casting from river-left
  • Casting from river-right

As a beginning spey caster, this is the best investment towards hooking your first fish on a swung fly. The most common problem we see as salmon, steelhead and trout guides is when anglers expect to learn how to cast a two-hander
and catch their first fish on said two-hander. You wouldn’t go on an elk hunting trip without first learning how to properly handle your rifle and hit your target, would you? Your instructor will provide rods, reels and tackle.  Not included in cost of the class: Wading equipment, fishing license.

Advanced casting classes will cover:

  • Addressing specific casting problems the student may be experiencing
  • New casting techniques for specific fishing challenges
  • Scandi casting techniques
  • Skagit casting techniques

As an experienced spey caster, taking a ‘refresher course’ to work out the kinks in your cast will result in more efficiency on the water. Less frustration.  Better casts. More hook-ups.  Adding a few new casting techniques to your current repertoire will not only keep things fresh and fun, but also allow you to fish through the tough spots, and reach those big boulders on the far side of the run. Your instructor will come to class with multiple rod and line systems, however it will be more beneficial if you come to class with your own outfits. 

Not included in cost of the class: wading equipment, fishing license.

Booking Your Class

If you’re interested in booking a trip or a class with us, please call or email to inquire about availability. If you have any questions, don‘t hesitate to reach out!

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