Lower Deschutes River Day Trips

Targets: Trout- year round. Salmon and steelhead- July through December

Cost: $550 for one or two anglers per boat, $650 for three anglers per boat

Duration: 8 hours

Day trips occur either in the Warmp Springs or Maupin areas where we float any one of a number of stretches from 8 to 15 miles in length. The guide will work patiently with beginning anglers on how to properly set up a rod and coach them through the basics of casting to achieve different fly presentations. More experienced anglers will find plenty of challenge fishing upstream with dry flies to rising redsides along the bank, dry-dropper or euro-nypmphing in riffles and swinging flies through riffles and runs with a two-handed rod.

Please understand: There is no fishing from a boat on the Lower Deschutes River, per state regulations- we exit the drift boat at each spot and wade fish. Comfortable wading gear is a must. Rods, tackle, flies and lunch provided.

Not included in cost of trip: fishing license(s), BLM Boaters Pass, wading equipment.

Lower Deschutes River Trips Require a Boater Pass

Once your date is confirmed and deposit taken for a Lower Deschutes trip, you must secure your BLM boater pass. Failure to secure your boater pass will result in a non-refundable cancellation.

Booking Your Trip

If you’re interested in booking a trip or a class with us, please call or email to inquire about availability.

Once your date is confirmed, a 50% deposit is due immediately to hold your date. IMPORTANT: If you are booking a Lower Deschutes Trip, secure your BLM boater pass at this time. Failure to secure your boater pass will result in a non-refundable cancellation.

Trip balance is due 2 weeks prior to your trip date. Payments may be made by check, cash or card. Card payments will be charged an additional 3%.

View our cancellation policy here.